Heckler: Christianity hasn’t done much good. It’s been in the world for 1900 years and look at the mess we’re in.  Preacher: Soap has been in the world longer than that and look at the dirt on your face.

The best we can hope for is unyielding despair. — Bertrand Russell, athiest

The fool in Proverbs 26:4 is self-confident.

Though the athiest cannot be attacked on the basis of pride, he can be attacked on the basis of what his belief that God does not exist is doing for his life: does it give him peace, a source of joy, a meaning? Most intellectuals I have met, those that cast the existence of God aside, are wise in their own minds, but haven’t the slightest how to live. This is what God’s wisdom is all about. It is important also to show intellectuals that your belief in God has not stopped your thinking. — Ray Cross

Most forms of atheism I have run across thus far have not been those who try to disprove the existence of God but rather those who by faith accept the premise that God doesn’t exist. They just claim that they don’t need Him, therefore, His existence or not is irrelevant to them. This is usually based on arrogant pride in human reason which considers man sufficient unto himself. They bear the results of their living on this basis in time and in eternity. — Ray Cross

God doesn’t believe in atheists. Does this prove atheists don’t exist? — Ray Cross

A man who calls himself an agnostic, and shuts all the doors, and bars all the windows and lives in the darkness he creates, is not an agnostic — he is a fool. — Joseph Parker

It is a well-known fact of the concentration camps that those who had strong religious and moral convictions managed life much better that the rest. Their beliefs, including belief in an afterlife, gave them strength to endure which was far above that of most others. — Philip Yancey, Open Windows

Atheism is more on the lip than in the life.

When you spit at heaven you spit in your own face.

It is a terrible thing to be grateful and have no one to thank, to be awed and have no one to worship. — Philip Yancey

Atheism does not contribute to success. Doubters don’t achieve. Sceptics don’t contribute. Cynics don’t create. — Calvin Coolidge

A child’s question of her parents: “Do you think God knows we don’t believe in Him?”

An atheist is a person with no invisible means of support.

Since atheism is an unproven faith, why do atheists mock others who believe otherwise? — Ray Cross

To believe that God does not exist because there is evil in the world is the same as not believing in heat because there is cold or not believing in light because there is darkness. – Ray Cross