Faith is conviction that moves.

Don’t let your body dictate your convictions.

The right kind of tolerance is good, but a spineless tolerance that betrays our convictions is treason.

If you don’t learn to stand for something, you’ll never amount to anything. — Bob Jones Sr.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

There is no having influence over the great or the little men of this age except by being firm in your principles and decided in what you do. If you yield an inch you are beaten; but if you will not yield–no, not the splitting of a hair–they will respect you. — Spurgeon

God will never alter His terms to please you. — Spurgeon

Don’t bother to agree with me. I’ve already changed my mind.

Some people who boast about how broad-minded they are may just be too lazy to find out which side they’re on.