The Gospel which suits little children is that which saves souls; the Gospel of the common people is the only Gospel. — Spurgeon

You would think from some people’s talk that religion is a very difficult thing, only to be understood by the cultured few. You must be a learned scientist or a scholarly critic before you can understand the modern Gospel. It is not so with the Gospel of Jesus. Oftentimes learned men miss this way altogether, while simple people perceive it and walk in it. — Spurgeon

The English like the gospel because they can talk about it.
The Irish like the gospel because they can fight about it.
The Welsh like the gospel because they can sing about it.
The Scots like the gospel because it is free.

True communion with Christ comes not when a man merely says, in contemplating the Cross, “This was a righteous man,” or “This was a son of God,” but when he says with tears of gratitude and joy, “He loved me and gave Himself for me.” — Greshem Machin, What is Faith, p. 151

God so loved the world He gave His
Only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him
Should not
Perish, but have
Life — John 3:16