Five Minutes After I Die
Loved ones will weep o’er my silent face,
Dear ones will clasp me in sad embrace,
Shadows and darkness will fill the place,
Five minutes after I die.

Faces that sorrow I will not see,
Voices that murmur will not reach me.
But where, oh, where will my spirit be
Five minutes after I die.

Quickly the years of my life have flown,
Gathering treasures I thought my own,
There I must reap from the seed I have sown
Five minutes after I die.

Naught to repair the good I lack,
Fixed to the goal of my chosen track,
No room to repent; no turning back,
Five minutes after I die.

Now I can stifle convictions stirred,
Now I can silence the Voice oft heard,
Then the fulfillment of God’s sure Word,
Five minutes after I die.

Mated for eye with my chosen throng,
Long its eternity, O so long,
Then woe is me if my soul be wrong.
Five minutes after I die.

Oh, what a fool–hard the word, but true
Passing the Saviour with death inview,
Doing a deed I can ne’er undo
Five minutes after I die.

If I am flinging a fortune away,
If I am wasting salvation’s day,
“Just is my sentence,” my soul shall say,
Five minutes after I die.


The Summons

Are you ready, dear friend, for the summons?
Soon it may come to your door:
Remember ‘tis only a heartbeat—
A heartbeat to eternity’s shore.

How oft’ in the past you’ve determined
Some day our sins to unload;
Yet still no nearer Heaven—
Just nearer the end of the road.

A decision you now are making
To continue the Saviourless way,
Or turn to a loving Saviour
And live through eternal day.


At every motion of our breath

Life trembles on the brink of death,
A taper’s flame that upward turns,
While downward to the dust it burns.

A moment ushered us to birth,
Heirs of the commonwealth of earth;
Moment by moment years are past,
And one ere long will be our last.

‘Twixt that, long fled, which gave us light,
And that which soon shall end in night,
There is a point no eye can see,
Yet on it hangs eternity.