Because sensitive people who have been so deeply hurt that they feel there is no way to rectify it project negative feelings to others, they isolate themselves away from the kind of close relationships that can bring them healing. They amplify their problems. — Ray Cross

Build your sensitivity to the needs of others by:

1. Observation — Look for opportunity to meet the needs of others.

2. Association — Become involved with people.

3. Conversation — Learn to ask questions and be a good listener to discern the needs of others.

4. Discernment — Discover what God is seeking to accomplish in people He brings into your life.

5. Pray for them.

God has designed the nervous system of our body to only be sensitive to change. — Ray Cross

We are sensitive only to change. — Ray Cross

Examine the sense of touch. Hold someone’s hand or an object. If your hand and the hand or object you are touching does not move in a short time the sensation of what that object or hand is like dims and deadens until there is no sensation at all. Even so, if one buries himslef in something and never steps back from it to take another hold or moves himself in some different way, he loses sensitivity. Even so, exposure in marriage or anything else without some variety of types of exposure can lead to deadening. Variety is not only the spice of life it is the source of sensitivty in life. No, I guess, God is the ulitmate spiritual source while variety is the material physical source. — Ray Cross

Lay still in bed and don’t move; maybe have a snooze. Then, after not moving for quite a while try to detemine where your right hand is, or your left foot. Chances are you may have to move them to be sure where exactly they are without looking. Whatever stops moving deadens. If our Chrsitian experience stops moving it dies also. It must be made new every day to be felt and lived, otherwise it deadens and loses both perspective and feeling. — Ray Cross

Vison depends on minute vibrations of the eye balls to stimulate the vision nerve receptors. Failure in this function is called astigmatism, which means not seeing when your eyes are open and looking.